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Bellevue Rendezvous are the inventive Scottish-based trio of Gavin Marwick (fiddle), Cameron Robson (cittern, jaw harp) and Ruth Morris (nyckelharpa), three experienced and far travelled musicians. The nyckelharpa is a traditional Swedish instrument, a beautifully toned keyed fiddle in the viola register, rarely seen in the UK. With a collective CV that encompasses some of Scotland’s most fascinating outfits – including Unusual Suspects, Cantrip and Iron Horse – they draw on music and traditions as diverse as Serbia, Macedonia, Poland, Canada, France and Finland, alongside many of their own compositions, to create the quirkily alluring instrumental interplay that made their Salamander CD one of the albums of the year.

Originally formed over several nights of jamming round a kitchen table in 2006, this unashamedly acoustic instrumental trio can move from the blissful and relaxing to really packing a punch in their more fiery numbers. There is much harmony and interweaving between the fiddle and the darker tones of the nyckelharpa , with the cittern supplying a lot of top line as well as rhythm. They have two critically acclaimed albums, Tangents (2007) and Salamander (2010), released on their own independent label through Proper Music Distribution. Their third album, ‘While Rome Burns’, will be released in June 2017.

Bellevue Rendezvous are continuing to tour following their successes with their second album Salamander, which took them from their UK footing to a more European presence. They now have representation in Italy, Germany, Sweden and Denmark and have performed in other countries such as Norway and Switzerland, playing at concerts, festivals, weddings, clubs, coffee shops and village halls. They have been performing lately as part of the 10 piece ‘Gavin Marwick’s Journeyman Spectacular’, which received a nomination for Live Act of the Year at the MG Alba trad music awards 2014.



Short excerpts from reviews: (see reviews page to read in full)

“Salamander should cement the position of Bellevue Rendezvous as one of the foremost talents in traditional music, with a sound that stands out as truly distinct and imaginative.” Mike Wilson,

“The trio’s set bordered on otherworldly at times, capturing the senses with a sound reminiscent of the Nordic supergroup Våsen.  The audience – including us – were enchanted.” Oak and Thorn, Celtic Connections 2010

“Elemental, mesmeric, extraordinarily beautiful. The second CD from this string trio is an absolute triumph. Salamander is truly fabulous, cathartic and invigorating: very highly recommended and already likely to be in my 2010 top ten.” Alex Monaghan

“It’s not only their incredible musicianship but the way the instruments interplay to create atmosphere, the bowing of the cittern, the dark grainy effect of the nyckelharpa, the mysteries of the jaw harp. They also create interesting combinations and contrasts, placing darker tunes together with a livelier jig, formality with wild abandon, switching leads, new tunes, old tunes, dark and light together, it makes a fascinating listening experience.” Jill Turner, Gondwana Sound

“The album has very high standards of playing, recording, production and graphic design such as are rarely reached in self-produced albums such as this.” Tangents, The Folk Diary

“Three weeks into their current tour, promoting their excellent second album, Salamander, they were all so snugly in synch as to sound at times like a single big instrument, at others like a small orchestra.” Sue Wilson, The Scotsman, The Lot, April 2010

“a lyrical collaboration..” Clive Davis, Sunday Times ****

“The musicianship of this group is stunning.” Hotpress magazine.

 “Each of the ten tracks is a beautiful, sparkling melody combining tradition with original arrangements, each with a story of its own exquisitely interpreted. A truly original and magical album. Salamander, Blues Matters

 “Lovely, yet edgy and wild. This album works because the musicians take their time to let the musical flag unfurl - just seven tracks in 47 minutes. But, oh, what tracks and what a glorious tapestry!” Tangents, Sing Out! 2008

“Sheer musicality.” Songlines

“Nice, nice stuff!” Tangents, Green Man review

“After several plays, I totally fell in love with this recording; its diversity is both enthralling and engaging.” Tangents, Living Tradition

“.. they draw on music and traditions as diverse as Serbia, Macedonia, Poland, Canada, France and Finland to create the quirkily alluring instrumental interplay that will surely make their Salamander CD one of the albums of the year..” Colin Irwin, Properganda

“A new and vibrant sound.” Northern Sky

“I can't recommend this album highly enough.” Tangents, World Music World, Australia

“Theirs is a genuine collective energy and can build sufficient momentum to turn a polska set into a thrash metal finale but they’re equally concerned with the spaces between the notes. The Herding Song featured what might be termed “pause and effect” as it used brief intermittent rests as a subtle but major part of its quietly keening charm.” Rob Adams, The Herald, Edinburgh Folk Club Nov 2010

“self – produced debut albums don’t get much better than this..” Tangents, fROOTS